garlicky kale salad

We got really excited when someone in our garden group shared this recipe for a chopped kale salad

Didn’t have any nutritional yeast, but remember this from my College Days, when I explored being a vegetarian. It smelled familiar and delicious, back then it was used to flavor a cheesy vegetarian Mac and “Cheese”

2 cloves garlic
2 Tbs apple cider vinegar
2 Tbs lemon juice
2 Tbs soy sauce
2 Tbs tahini (I sub peanut butter)
4 Tbs nutritional yeast (dont use baking or brewing yeast!! this is it’s own thing usually found in healthy food aisles)

Plus Garlic!
The acid of apple cider vinegar and lemons
Soy Sauce and Tahini


Homegrown Tomatoes

All the work to raise a Tomato Plant in the backyard, only contributes to the joy of that 1st Homegrown Tomato

Pick it after it starts to burst and crack
(this year I planted Green Tomatoes, so you’re not sure when it is ripe)

Serve it up on a piece of toast
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Drizzle with EVO


When I visit my elderly parents, we go out for Sunday Breakfast
I have a frittata served with tomato slices which are pink, crunchy and bland
So I know a ripe homegrown tomato when I taste it

Sweet Potatoes

Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Saute Wings and Things
(remove and reserve)

Add Sweet Potaotes to pan fat
Add Water and braise
Mash and then reserve

Add Mushrooms and Corn
Combine with Wings and Things
And Farrow
Then add Water (or Stock) to Hydrate Farrow

Serve on Mashed Sweet Potaotes


The Chicken Project

Our closest thing to Nose-to-Tail Cooking is the Chicken Project

The Whole Chicken
(we poach it with onion scraps, lemon hulls and a big sprig of herbs from the garden)

The Best Parts:

Chicken Stock:
strain and allow fat is seal the canning jar
(it is the best part, flavorful and thick with gelatin)

Wings and Things:
Remove and Segment Wings (reserve tips for stock)
Combine with whatever goodies are in the cavity
(heart, gizzard, liver)
Include neck (after removing skin for stock)
Combine with Crushed Garlic, Saffron and EVO

Legs and Thighs:
We cut through the skin between leg and carcass to open this “last-to-cook” area
This is the prime piece of the chicken, fatty and succulent list Duck Leg confit

The Back and Carcass, after removing the Chicken Breasts
A secret snack, picking the bones
The Oysters (somebody called this the best part of the chicken)

The Chicken Breast
Still deciding how to maximize this large, bland portion of meat
Some way to flavor it heavily (maybe smother in barbeque sauce)

Pork Belly and Cauliflower

Render Pork Belly, Season

In the rendered fat, Sautee:
-Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
-Frozen Corn
-Cauliflower Stalks (remove Florets)

One Pot
Add Rice and Beans
With Stock or Water and Bring to Boil

To Finish (add to Boiling Pot)
-Frozen Seafood
-Frozen Peas
-Cauliflower Flowers

To Serve, Combine to One Pot
-Pork Belly
-Sautee Mixture (Mushrooms, Corn and Cauliflower Stalks



Mashed Beans

For a long while, pureed beans were the answer

Pureed Beans were the beginning of Hummus
Pureed Beans added to any stew would thick and flavor it

Currently we are discovering Mashed Beans
mashed beans.jpg
Beans are cooked in the Instant Pot after soaking overnight
They are flavored frequently with some onion wedges and chipotle peppers
After cooking (30 minutes) we let them coast in the machine for hours,
then cool
The result is a thick bean pudding, which we portion and freeze in half cup zip lock portions

After thawing, the beans can be:
-added to a stew
-drained and mashed as a base for making a cold (tuna) salad sandwich or bean wrap

Compared to Hummus, there is less processing involved, frozen it lasts longer than jarred humus, although we love garlic it creates some serious dragon breath

Perhaps the solution is to make a jar or two of hummus, while the beans are still warm, for easier processing