Dirty Mushroom Rice

Initially we liked the concept of hydrating dried mushrooms, but there was too little flavor and too much annoying texture. So we succumbed to a more conventional meat element of Gizzards, Livers and Pigs Feet.

Dirty Mushroom (Green) Rice is mostly rice, greens, legumes, beans, and grains, but it is flavored with the meat.

Start by cooking down the (cleaned and) chopped Stems of Greens with Onions, lots of Hot Peppers (jalapeños and habaneros) with the meat element

Stir in Brown Rice and deglaze the pan with a can of Beer. Add Stock. and additional water as necessary

Then add Assorted Legumes, Seeds and Grains, not limited to:
Quinoa, Amaranth, Split Pea (Assortment), Lentil (Assortment), Adzuki Beans, Wheat Berries, etc.

Towards the end, to provide a fresh lightly cooked element – add the chopped Tops of the Greens, thinly sliced Serano Peppers, Pig Weed (epazote), Cilantro, Red Pepper Flakes, maybe even season with salt and pepper, hot sauce or soy sauce.

Shop for:
Couple Bunches of Greens
(Mustard, Turnip, Collard or Kale, in order of preference)
Couple Onions
Lots of Jalapeños
Some Habanero and Seranos

Brown Rice



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